Meet Lisa Doiron


As the founder of the Life Achievement Institute, I help people to stop living for everyone else and start doing what truly makes them happy.

HOW? By helping them to uncover the lives they’re meant to lead, by discovering their driving passions, and by transforming their inner desires into outward realities.

WHY? Because I've been there!  I lived to please everyone else.


My journey to do this work stems from my own experience as a true “Type A” career woman.

While working in corporate America, I learned to define my worth by the amount of hours I put in per week (typically between 80-100 hours), and how quickly I could get the next raise, title or accolade.

In doing so, I neglected my entire life for my career; sacrificing sleep, family and friends to "get ahead." While I thought these choices would be short-term sacrifices that would pave the way for my long-term success, they ended up being my downfall.  The stress finally caught up to me and my health took a serious hit; I became "burnt out."

In order to get on the path to healing, I had to learn how to regain my focus.  It started with me examining who I was and how I was living; which is similar to looking at yourself in a mirror.  And you know what?  I didn't like what I saw.  I realized I had sacrificed everything precious and dear to me for a career that I didn't even love anymore.

It was clear that something had to change, so I set out to create a new life – one that didn’t involve sacrificing who I was and what was most important to me.

My new life lead me directly to coaching!  Where everyday I have the opportunity to partner with extraordinary people to help them to find their path in life.  A path that is sometimes straight, sometimes curvy, but always full of rewarding experiences.

As you head out on your path, do as Robert Frost has written in "The Road Not Taken" - take the road less traveled by......because that will make all of the difference!